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A calendar of special Sundays with guided tours to the monuments of ancient, modern or contemporary Rome. They are an opportunity to learn about Jewish culture in all its aspects: religious, artistic, economic and social. You will actually discover interesting details or you can see different places: the corners of the Roman Empire, Papal Rome and the city of today that tell a long and troubled history, full of charm.

Special guided tours to the Historical Archives of the Jewish Community of Rome “Giancarlo Spizzichino”. The archive mainly keeps documents relating to the period from the beginning of the sixteenth century and the end of the nineties of the twentieth century. The material consists of more than 1300 folders and 1500 records. Associated with the archive is the ancient library that contains printed texts and manuscripts from the thirteenth century to the present.
Free entry.
Reservations: [email protected]

Special guided tours to the Synagogue of Ostia Antica. Built in the first century, it was subject to expansion and restoration work in the second and third centuries; in the fourth century it was completely restored. Extraordinary testimony of Judaism of the early centuries of the diaspora. The location of this religious structure allows you to better understand how the Jewish people lived the Imperial Age inserted in a surprising multiculturalism, rare in the Western history of the later centuries.
Admission fee.
Reservations: [email protected] (mob. 339/6141195)

Special guided tours of the Colosseum and the Arch of Titus. Tradition has it that in the Flavian Amphitheatre many of the slaves used for its construction were Jews and that the funds allocated to it came from the spoils of the Jewish War.
The Arch of Titus was built by Emperor Domitian to commemorate the triumph of his brother Titus after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem. It contains the famous relief with the representation of the Menorah.
Admission fee.
Reservations: [email protected] (mob. 339/6141195)

Special guided tours to the Jewish Museum of Rome and the area of the former Ghetto. The Museum housed in the monumental complex of the Great Synagogue, was started in 1960 to house the collections of the Jewish Community of Rome: Roman silver from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, precious fabrics from all parts of Europe, illuminated parchments and manuscripts, marbles saved from the destruction of Cinque Scolein the Ghetto.
The Roman Ghetto was set up by Paul IV (Carafa) in 1555, and ended in 1870, with the breach of Porta Pia. The area chosen for the imprisonment of Jews was part of the district of Sant’Angelo, where, many members of the Jewish Community of Rome, well integrated into the economic and social contextlived for several centuries . With the creation of the Ghetto, the physical mobility and space of Jews were reduced, as well as their economic, social and religious freedoms.
Admission fee.
Reservations: [email protected] (06/68400661)

Special guided tours to the Catacombs of Vigna Randanini. The Roman Jewish community commissioned these between the end of the second and fourth centuries A.D., creating cemeteries, distinct from the pagan burial grounds; of these, the only one which currently may be visited is the vast catacomb of the Randanini Vineyard, situated in the area of Via Appia and located precisely between the second and third mile of the road. Exceptional are the cubicula, eitherfamily or group ‘private chapels’ which have special decorative treatment.
Admission fee.
Reservations: Coopculture www.coopculture.it (06/39967700)

APRIL, 10 – Historical Archives of the Jewish Community of Rome
APRIL, 17 – Historical Archives of the Jewish Community of Rome
MAY, 8 – Synagogue of Ostia Antica
MAY, 15 – Colosseum and Arch of Titus
MAY, 22 – Catacombs of Vigna Randanini
MAY, 29 – Colosseum and Arch of Titus
JUNE, 5 – Catacombs of Vigna Randanini
JUNE, 19 – Jewish Museum and former Ghetto
JUNE, 26 – Jewish Museum and former Ghetto
JULY, 10 – Synagogue of Ostia Antica

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