Villa Sciarra


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Via Calandrelli 25, via Dandolo, via delle Mura Gianicolensi
Every day from 7:00 to sunset. Free entry.

In the early 1900s, two wealthy Americans in love with Rome bought a ruined sixteenth-century villa belonging to the noble Barberini Colonna di Sciarra family and made it their Renaissance style home. Exedras formed by box hedges housed the statues of the 12 months of the year, other boxwoods created geometric figures or animals, spectacular fountains served as perspective backgrounds and evoke complex symbolism. To give a sense of antiquity to the garden, eighteenth-century statues from a ruined villa in Lombardy (visible emblems of the Milanese Visconti family) were used. Romantic spots are not lacking such as the Gloriette, a pavilion with a beautiful view, or the path along the ancient walls of the Janiculum. The villa, famous for its salons, was donated to the City of Rome in 1932 and opened to the public.

The botanical variety here is very rich and includes common Italian plants and numerous exotic varieties (122 rare species of trees, including around 10 different species of palms). There are two spectacular gingkoes and enormous Lebanese cedars, which are among the most beautiful in Rome, and also the tulip tree, camphor and the magnificent northern red oak, originally from North America. The villa is also home to many animals: in addition to various amphibians, reptiles and mammals, there are many birds, such as the hoopoe, Eurasian wryneck, greater red woodpecker, house sparrow and many other passerines. Among the insects present, those worth mentioning are the beautiful rhinoceros beetle and different varieties of butterfly, including the Red Admiral, wall brown and swallowtail.

Picture by permission from Roma Capitale-Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali
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Via Calandrelli, 25, 00153 Roma, Italy


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