Farnese Gardens on the Palatine


Via di San Gregorio 30
Every day. From the last Sunday of October to February 15th 08:30-16:30; January 10th 2016 from February 16th to March 15th 08:30-17:00; from March 16th to the last Saturday of March 08:30-17:30; from the last Sunday of March to August 31st 08:30-19:15; from September 1st to September 30th 08:30-19:00; from October 1st to the last Saturday of October 08:30-18:30; June 2nd 13:30-19:15. The ticket office closes one hour before closing time. Closed on 1st January, 1st May, and 25th December. Admission fee.

In the Republican era, the Palatine was a place of luxurious residences set out amidst gardens and where later the emperors built their splendid mansions. Then for a thousand years the site was abandoned until, in the first half of 1500, Cardinal Alessandro Farnese chose to make a garden of delights in the ruins half covered by vegetation with no buildings but simply with a glorious belvedere between two aviaries. A true botanical garden, where, for the first time acacia, brought from America and named after Farnese, was introduced along with agave plants and prickly pears. And today, climbing among the majestic ruins of the Roman Forum, an unexpected, recently rebuilt garden on three terraces awaits in the middle of the largest and most significant archaeological site in the world, with a view over the slow and peacefully flowing river Tiber.

Walking in this area of the Palatine, once will encounter a large variety of birds, from kestrels, which float in the air in search of prey, to jackdaws, who signal their presence with their characteristic clicking, from house sparrows, with its bluish coloured plumage, to the common raven and the invasive seagulls, which nest here on the tops of the buildings and ruins. There are also numerous other passerines, from the most common, such as the common sparrow and robin, to less known ones, such as the black redstart and the spotted flycatcher.

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Via S. Gregorio, 30, 60010 Ostra AN, Italy


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