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This itinerary has been planned so that it can be enjoyed at any time, day or night, on any day of the year and without paying for any entrance tickets. All the animals we recommend you go and see can always be seen without going in anywhere.

Rome offers its more curious visitors an unlimited choice of animals to see: a zoo of wonders which seems to be the fruit of a mysterious spell. It is as though an arcane magic spell has suddenly turned creatures of all sorts into stone, real, fantasy, good or evil animals. They can be found in the streets and fountains, on the facades of buildings, even on the roofs of churches and houses, and their presence always tells of something special
Animals have always been man’s companions, and man has turned them into paradigms for his actions, identifying qualities and virtues in almost all of them. They represent instinct and impulse and link the spiritual dimension to the material dimension.
There are innumerable sayings in popular tradition, legends and rites in which animals are the protagonists; Crossing the path of a cat or the flight of birds can represent an omen. Magic and propitiatory formulas almost always evoke animals; they are the victims par excellence of sacrifices, they symbolise an alliance with the invisible powers implored to obtain prosperity, joy and fecundity.
When walking around Rome, one is always accompanied in some way by statues and depictions of animals: witnesses to historical events or symbols of myths and legends. However, our eyes are often distracted and we often do not even notice they are there, but this zoo in stone is crying out to be visited and recounted.
There are many examples around, and getting to know them by walking around the streets of the Eternal City will allow you to admire this open-air museum which is the envy of the entire world.


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